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Aligned Transitions

6-week Guest Speaker Series

Six Weeks
Eleven Guests

Guidance. Direction. Inspiration.

From classroom teacher to corporate or entrepreneur, we have eleven amazing individuals who will share their stories and provide guidance and inspiration as well.

The Aligned Transitions series features the following guests: 

Scott Totten sharing how he's helping one billion people find the right job

Rhiannon Hastings sharing her journey into Training & Development

Jade Weatherington, M.Ed sharing how Teacher Jade--online teaching came to be

Jessica Shelley sharing how she left the classroom and became the Ed Tech Founder of Dailies

Beth Burgin sharing her path to entrepreneurship as a Math tutor

Tanya Sheckley from UP Academy sharing a Design Sprint workshop

Sarah Cordes sharing her pro Transfer Talk tips

Eric James Stephens, PhD sharing how you center yourself in your own story

Rebecca Stump sharing her own journey through transition

Mackenzie Winkel sharing empowerment strategies and interview tips

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