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Manifesting Generators

Manifesting Generators (a.k.a. Man-Gens, Mani-Gens, and MG's) make up about 33% of the population. They are a sub-type of Generators, so if you include Generators, that's about 70% of the population. Indeed, we live in a Generator world.

Manifesting Generators are here to master efficiency with their multi-passionate life force energy.

If anyone ever tells you that Manifestors are the most intense of the types, ask them how many MG's they know.

I'd describe them as INTENSE.

They don't half-ass things--they come at life with a true intensity.

And then they drop it and move on to another thing.

Man-Gens: when you’re following your strategy and authority, you do what you absolutely love to do and don't worry if it's a million different things. When aligned, you are dropping balls so you can pick up new ones, and you're not feeling guilty about it. You are moving fast. You are taking shortcuts and circling back when necessary.

Think of yourself as the hare in the race, with the Generators being the tortoise.

This is about finding the quickest way to do shit AND have fun.

Sometimes MG's can feel flakey because they change their minds so often. THAT'S OKAY. You came here to do that.

One of the worst things you can do to yourself is stay committed to something that you know isn't good for you anymore. Get over any fear you have of quitting. Embrace the fact that you'll have many half-finished projects that you may never return to. You're learning new things, finding ways to make them more efficient, and sharing that with the rest of us. Let your sacral light be your guide.

Your strategy is twofold because you are a combination of two types.

On the Generator side, and what you should be doing first, is waiting to respond to things in your environment.

Let things come into your awareness and then take action on them.

You're also part Manifestor, so you need to inform others.

Narrate your life. Let people know what you're up to.

They won't think it's annoying, and as with Manifestors, you'll find that when you do inform people, there will be a lot less resistance to your plans.

There is some initiation energy here as well from your Manifestor side, so don't be afraid to follow your intuition when it hits and take action on ideas.

Tom Hanks is a Manifesting Generator.

At least 107 films.

Six Oscars.

And he's still going.

Talk about intense!

I started thinking about the depth of the characters he's played and it makes so much sense that he's an MG.



Forrest Gump.

Saving Private Ryan.

His ability to play both comedic and dramatic characters.

He's an excellent example of an aligned MG doing what lights him up and sharing his gift with the world.

MG's can go, go, go as long as they are following what lights them up.

With either sacral or emotional authority, they must always tune into that to decide on things coming into their awareness.

Start by responding and watch the magic unfold.

Want to know more about yourself as a Manifesting Generator? Book a session and let's dive into your chart!

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