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I'm here to clear the path to your wildest dreams, to show you what's possible, and to give you the tools to create your dream life. I'm here to empower you to trust yourself--to know that deep, deep down, you know the best answer for you. I'm here to give you the courage to go for it. 

I will help you deconstruct your human design, leverage tools for manifestation, and dive deeply into personal development to completely transform your life into the one your soul came here to live. 

The stories we tell ourselves are just stories. Some serve us, others keep us stuck playing small. It's time for the next chapter--one that's empowered in its ability to be messy, raw, and truthful.

Last year, after 26 years of teaching with retirement well within view, I left. 

I was ready, even if I didn't quite know it at the time. 

What I did know was that I was tired of playing small, of envisioning a life I wanted to live that just didn't fit the confines of a public school teacher. 

I kept looking around wondering, "Is this it?"

Finally leaving taught me that it's not.

Regardless of what your dreams are, the key to them lives in a combination of your willingness to see your gifts and claim them as well as go to the dark and examine what's holding you back. It takes courage to follow through on  your commitment to yourself. That's what I'm here to help with.

Let me share some gems of my Human Design:

  • I'm a Generator which means I have a shitload of energy to work with you. Helping people follow their dreams and do what lights them up is exactly what lights ME up.

  • I'm a 5/1 profile which means that I will help save you from your own shit in our work together. You'll likely see what you want to see in me, and once we are clear on both our expectations, nothing can stop us in achieving our goal of your transformation. With a 1 in my profile, you can rest assured that I know my shit. 

  • My conscious sun lives in Gate 52--the gate of stillness and perspective. It's the gift I share with you and will teach you how to be still to listen to what your inner guidance has to tell you. 

  • My root is defined which is to say that I have a lot of pressure to get things done. I will push you when you're procrastinating. I will follow-up to provide accountability. When this is hard for you, it's simply shining a light on an area for growth and inviting you to examine the resistance.

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