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What if getting what you want was as simple as becoming
your authentic self?

Shedding the layers of what other people expect of you is a process. 

After all, we are social beings. 

As humans, belonging is a program still running in our subconscious marked as imperative for survival. 

But it's a new time.

In fact, we are in the midst of a global awakening.

The paradigm is shifting, and individualism is replacing tribalism.

It's time to be who you came here to be. 

Download your Human Design chart here 👇

Human Design bodygraph
Enter, Human Design: a combination of ancient wisdom & science to light the way home to yourself.

Human Design might be for you if...

* you want to deepen your understanding of who you are and who you came here to be

* you struggle finding clarity, making decisions, and taking aligned action

* you deeply desire a return to your true nature

* you want to understand your unique gifts but quizzes like Enneagram, Clifton Strengths and Myers-Briggs never seem to capture the full YOU

* you want to improve  your relationships

* you want to live your soul's purpose

* you are looking for a practical tool to unlock your gifts and to help you better understand your challenges

* you believe that everything is energy, that we are all connected, and you are open to "the woo"

Human Design: 
The Language of YOU

Self-empowerment through your unique magic

Human Design offers us a tool for deeply understanding ourselves. A combination of systems that helps you understand how you are uniquely designed to thrive, it incorporates ancient wisdom (Western Astrology, the Chinese I-Ching, the Kabbalah, the Chakra system) and modern science (genetics and quantum mechanics). 


Together, they create a sort of map called a bodygraph, and you can use it for making decisions and finding flow--in your work, your relationships, and your understanding of yourself. It shows you who you are designed to be.

Learning your design feels like both a return home and a call to action. "Deconditioning" (shedding beliefs and expectations that do not serve you) is the journey once you discover your design, and ultimately leads to self-empowerment, ease, and flow. 

Human Design is a kind of permission you didn't know you needed to come back to the person you've always been. 

How does Human Design work?

If you are one of those people who loves taking personality quizzes...think Myers Briggs, Enneagram, Clifton Strengths... you likely find them validating...

Except for the fact that you had to make a choice with all of the questions.

You had to choose between 1 and 2 when you felt like a 1.5.

The thing about those quizzes is there's a lot of room for interpretation, and there is so much about you that could change each time you sit down to do one of the quizzes.

There's no guesswork with Human Design.

It's all based on your birth date, time, and place.

But what if you don't know your birth time? 

This is where it's worth your time to investigate and find out.

You can get your birth certificate from the town in which you were born.

You can call the hospital in which you were born.

You can ask you mom or other family members.

You can even use a pendulum. (Ask me for help on that!)

Your human design chart (called a Bodygraph) is your energetic blueprint for this lifetime.

In it are keys to how your energy works, your strengths and relative weaknesses, your keys to communication, drive, emotional well-being, worthiness, thought processes, and so much more.

It gives you so much amazing information and then invites you to EXPERIMENT.

Curious what yours looks like?

If you've been feeling like you want more...


You're at work, staring out the window at the birch trees swaying in the wind, dreaming of another where you are making things happen on a grander scale... where you are impacting people in ways that seem almost too far off to imagine...

And yet, there you are...imagining?

You see yourself laying out your credit card to take your kids on that trip to Greece you've been secretly wishing for.

You see yourself finally taking the steps to replace the "professional development" you've had to endure.

You see yourself living a life of freedom and flexibility while supporting yourself through your passions.

Maybe you're realizing that the path you're on now isn't big enough for those dreams

Maybe you're realizing that time is ticking, and what you're doing now feels completely disconnected to the future you see for yourself. 

You might be focused more on your time off than you are on your time at work, wishing you had more time with your kids--even for the "small things" like driving them to school in the morning and never missing a game or a show.

Maybe you're even wondering what you're supposed to be doing with this one glorious life. 

And maybe, just maybe, you're believing that the path you're on right now ISN'T the one you want to stay on, but you're not quite sure what the new path looks like.

I see you. I was you.

Hi, I'm Lori

I am a 5/1 Emotional Generator and Human Design lit me up about 5 years ago.

I was a public school teacher at the time, and I loved my work. I spent a lot of time pushing for school change and trying to get a very old system to shift into this new paradigm. It is hard work, and I hold a huge place in my heart for educators who are still at it.


Despite my love for what I was doing, or perhaps because of it, I found myself dreaming bigger than I had allowed myself to do for a long time.

I have always been an optimist.

I have always believed that the impossible was possible.

I have always believed that if you want it badly enough, you can find a way to make it happen.

And I believe to the depths of my core that  the more people aligned with what truly lights them up, the better our world will be. 

Human Design can help you get there. Learning the elements of your personal energetic roadmap can be the most empowering thing you've ever done for yourself. 

Are you ready to embark on a journey of transformation?

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Client Love
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Lori hand delivers a sacred invitation from the universe to live your best life when she reads your Human Design.  Her enthusiasm       and breadth of knowledge is inspiring, and led me to leave my unfulfilling job and open to receive the opportunities that were waiting for me but I was too afraid to see.  The reading I received has also given me permission to make peace with the way I show up in the world, allowing me to be more gentle with myself in my moments…a must do for people to embrace their humanness and move forward toward their fullest and greatest potential.

Image by Brooke Cagle


My first reading of my human design literally blew me away by how spot on it was and I booked a second hour with Lori before we ended our call.  Her huge heart and profound wisdom in human design has given new meaning to my life and has led me to make decisions and commitments I never would have dreamed possible before.  My ongoing friendship and work with Lori is taking me to places I now know I am meant to be and I am truly grateful for her guidance in helping me align myself with the life I chose to come here to live.



I have had such a shift in my energy. Lori is amazing. Shehas given me such an amazing gift of inspiration and knowledge that's provided me with clarity and direction. Since having my reading, I can feel the shift in my energy and truly feel like I'm on the path I was created for. She knew just what I needed and provided guidance and resources to give me that push I needed. So grateful for her. 

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