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Let's Work Together

From PDFs to HD Sessions to 1:1 private coaching, I offer a range of services to support you on your journey to becoming the best version of you

Close-up in light.HEIC

Who is this for?

If you're looking for a shot of intuitive guidance coupled with the wisdom of Human Design, this is for you. 

You might be a professional, an entrepreneur, a parent, a partner, a student, or maybe even all of these!

How long is it?

Plan on 60-90 minutes depending on how things flow and keeping the balance of helpfulness and overwhelm in check. 

What can I expect?

This will depend on your familiarity with Human Design, but please know that I tailor each of my sessions to the needs of my clients.

We might discuss:

-Your type, strategy, and authority

-Your gifts and challenges

-Your planetary placements and how they influence your life

-Your purpose

These are just examples. I will work with you to determine what will best serve you when you book. 

Who is this for?

If you're looking for a deep dive into your Human Design, this is for you. If you've started to learn about HD but are feeling more confused than empowered, it's likely time to start truly integrating it. 

My intent with this offer is to help you explore some of the nuances of your design and learn to apply them in your life. 

How long is it?

This offer includes THREE  60-90 minute sessions with support in between.  We will focus on an area of life that is currently challenging you and dive into your design to unlock its wisdom. Tap into my Channel 52-9 to unlock a powerful focus on your goals and how HD can support you in achieving them.

What can I expect?

The HD Bundle is designed to dig into the deeper layers of your design. While we may start with the basics to be sure you're mastering them, we will look at where you are out of alignment and how HD can offer wisdom for redirection. Expect to come out of this experience with a sense of confidence, direction, and purpose to make the change needed to live your best life!

You will receive: 

- recordings of each session so you can relax and be present during each

- my slides and notes to revisit as needed

- support between sessions to ask questions and gain deeper clarity

HD Bundle
HD Single Session

Who is this for?

This is the most transformational experience I offer. Not only will we dive deeply into your Human Design, it will become second nature to you.  

My intent with this offer is to help you integrate your design and LIVE it. Honor it. Truly BE who you came here to BE. 

How long is it?

My 1:1 coaching is co-created with you. I want to work with you in a way that feels supportive and empowering, so the length of time and the way in which we work may vary. 

I start with a 3-month container because I believe that 12 weeks is the minimum amount of time you should work with a coach to truly begin the transformation process. 

What can I expect?

The Private 1:1 coaching container is designed to support you in your transformation journey. Using Human Design and other tools, I will help you shed the layers of conditioning under which you're operating and emerge as your most beautiful, aligned self. You can expect to get curious about what's holding you back and face it, do some experimenting, and be supported with tools and practical guidance.

Together, we will determine the number of times we meet and what kind of support you receive between sessions. Know that the container is designed to adapt to your needs with respect to both of our time commitments.

It is likely that we will discuss all of the elements of your chart, with an eye toward the balance of helpfulness and overwhelm.

Again, I will work with you to determine what will best serve you as we work together. 

If 1:1 coaching pulls you, the first step is to book a call to discuss what's going on and how I can support you:

1:1 coaching

Foundations of Flow

Who is this for?

If you're looking for a written personalized guide to your Human Design, this is for you. It's a guide to help you understand the most important aspects of your design.

Foundations of Flow begins with your Type, Strategy, & Authority. This is exactly what you need to begin your journey.  

What can I expect?

The Foundations of Flow guide is $27 for over 30 pages packed with helpful tips & tricks to truly support your living your design. You'll need to enter your birth details in the chart generator first, then you will see a box below your bodygraph with the download. If you desire to dig deeper, book a session with me!

Foundations of Flow mock-up.png
Foundations of Flow
Human Design Gift Cards
Gift Card

Gift Cards


Give the gift of self-empowerment!

Gift cards are available to use for anything on my site--HD Sessions or products to support your Human Design journey.  

What a treat to share with those you love!

This button will bring you to an email where we will set-up the amount and payment. Once I receive payment confirmation, I will email your gift certificate right to you or the recipient! 

Want to work together but not sure what to book? Email me here and let's chat!

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