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Decoding Decision Making: A Game Changer for Coaches

This one is for the coaches in the audience 🚀

Decisions are one of the top challenges you likely encounter with your clients. Today, let's unravel the secret sauce of decision-making and how Human Design can help you help your people.

The Power of Human Design Authority 💡

Authority in a Nutshell: Imagine having a personal decision-making GPS, a tool that guides you to choices in alignment with your authentic self. That's what Human Design Authority is all about. Its potential is unrivaled, in my opinion (and that goes for both coaches AND their clients). Here are my top three reasons for learning about your clients' HD Authority:

1. Paradigm Shift: Goodbye Overthinking 🤔 Human Design introduces a radical shift in decision-making paradigms. No more endless pros and cons lists or hours spent contemplating what you "should" do. It's a farewell to the external noise and a welcome to the wisdom within. 2. Tailoring Coaching Approaches: Personalized Strategies Understanding your client's Human Design Authority equips you with insights to tailor coaching approaches. It's like having a personalized roadmap to guide clients towards decisions that resonate with their unique design. 🥳 How empowering is that?! 3. Authentic Connections: Listen Within 🎧 Instead of relying on external advice, Human Design encourages clients to listen within. Coaches can foster authentic connections by guiding clients to trust their bodies, emotions, instincts, or inner guidance, depending on their unique Authority. Helping them embody then becomes the work!

Navigating Human Design Authorities 🌐

1. Emotional Authority: The Calm Navigator 🌊

  • How it Feels: Calm knowing, relief, a sense of the right direction.

  • Coaching Tip: Encourage clients to take their time, sleep on decisions, and embrace the highs and lows of their emotional wave.

2. Sacral Authority: Trusting Your Gut 🚀

  • How it Feels: "Hell, yes" or a pit in the stomach.

  • Coaching Tip: Remind clients that if it's not a "HELL, YES," it's a "no," and the sacral always knows in the moment.

3. Splenic Authority: Instinctual Knowing 🌟

  • How it Feels: Like a direct hit, a deep knowing.

  • Coaching Tip: Encourage trust in flashes of insight and explore how intuition uniquely speaks to each individual.

4. Ego Authority: Heart-Centered Decisions ❤️

  • How it Feels: A warmth in the heart, heart flutters.

  • Coaching Tip: Emphasize the importance of aligning decisions with personal values and embracing what feels right--even "selfish."

5. Self-Projected & Mental Projected Authority: The Power of Speech 🗣️

  • How it Feels: Self-projected--Hearing oneself say the right thing Mental-projected--hearing oneself say the right thing in a supportive environment.

  • Coaching Tip: Recommend self-reflection through talking, recording conversations, and finding a supportive environment for decision-making.

6. Lunar Authority: Harnessing Moon Phases 🌚

  • How it Feels: Observing changes over a lunar cycle.

  • Coaching Tip: Advise Reflectors to tune into moon phases, spend time in nature, and patiently notice patterns.

Elevate Your Coaching Game with HD Authority 🔝 Understanding Human Design Authority is not just a tool; it's a complete shift for coaches looking to revolutionize their approach. Imagine guiding your clients toward decisions that resonate at their core, fostering authentic connections, and ultimately unlocking their full potential.

Ready to use this with your clients? Reach out to Lori to book a workshop or HD session!

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