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Own Your


The Human Design Integration program

that helps you LIVE your design

so you can

finally experience the joy and embodied wholeness you desire through being your authentic self

without crippling doubt, debilitating fear, or self-imposed limits. 

Hi! I'm Lori Lisai

If you've been feeling...

  •  bored, stuck in a rut, trapped in unfulfilling routines, longing for something meaningful

  •  like you lack clarity and direction as you look at this new phase of life, despite years of life experience that might suggest otherwise

  •  like you’re living someone else’s path– carrying out everyone else’s expectations and feeling more and more out of touch with who you really are

  •  full of unfulfilled dreams and desires–on hold for so long that you wonder if they’ll ever happen

  •  a need to focus on yourself, discover your true purpose and dive into your own depths beyond the self-help books you've read

then it's time to...

This time in your life is PRECIOUS.

It may be the first time you're starting to think more about YOU and what you want.

It's exciting and simultaneously scary.

But it doesn't have to be, when you know who you are

Own Your


For years, I yearned for a life of freedom, flexibility, and inspiration. 

I had been teaching for over two decades when I discovered Human Design. It made me feel like there was a different life path for me, like there was something else I needed to do. I wanted to know every last morsel HD had to offer.

I knew this knowledge would change me.

And it did.

Lori Lisai Alignment Coach_edited.jpg

I'm Lori Lisai

Human Design Teacher, Mentor, & Alignment Coach

5/1 Emotional Generator

I didn't begin that last year of teaching knowing that I would leave. 

When I handed in my resignation letter, it was on a wing and a prayer.

I had no plan.

I just knew it was time.

I knew that my dreams were growing bigger than the path I was on.

Despite the joy I felt meeting with students and helping teachers, I still felt this pull.

So I leapt, and here I am today--living that life of freedom and flexibility that I yearned for. 


After years of learning from different sources, working with dozens of clients, and integrating my own Human Design, I developed a signature framework called the A+ Frequency Formula to help you LIVE your design and finally be who you came here to be

Imagine a world...

Imagine a world where empowered women everywhere embrace their magic, step boldly into their power, and live the purpose that lights them on fire.

Can you see what a beautiful world this would be?


It starts with YOU.


You deserve to live a life that aligns with your unique essence...

free from the constraints of societal expectations or self-imposed limitations.


I believe that THIS is how we break down the systems that no longer serve us–

one empowered human at a time.


Through "Own Your Magic," I aim to inspire a ripple effect of positive change, where each woman who participates in this program not only transforms her own life but also becomes a catalyst for transformation in her community and beyond.

I invite you to embark on this sacred journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and transformation with me. 

What if you could wake up in three months to a renewed sense of self, stronger relationships, and a clear sense of purpose?


You'd truly start living life for YOU, ready to jump out of bed to start the day, excited about what's to come, and feeling more ALIVE than you have in years. 

This is the gift of embodying your Human Design.

This is about the embodiment of knowledge. This is not about the accumulation of knowledge. You can accumulate all the knowledge you want, it doesn’t make a damn bit of difference unless you embody it, unless it becomes part of you.

~ Ra Uru Hu, Founder of Human Design

Your journey begins here: 
OYM mock-up.png

Unlike any other Human Design program out there, Own Your Magic is a journey guided by my signature framework, the A+ Frequency Formula, which encompasses 5 A's:

  • Awareness

  • Authenticity

  • Alchemy

  • Activation

  • Alignment

More than just learning about your Human Design, you will LIVE it.

Over the course of 12 weeks, we will focus on:

  • Week 1&2: Awareness - A partnership with the Universe

    • We begin where we are. We build awareness with how the Universe communicates with us. We tune in to tap in.

  • Week 3-6: Authenticity - From your Not Self to your True Self

    • We learn the gifts of our Human Design, where we wander off track into our Not Self, and how to be our most aligned self.

  • Week 7-8: Alchemy - Bridging the gap between who you are and who you want to be

    • We learn embodiment, and how to work with our shadows.

  • Week 9-10: Activation - Working with Universal Laws 

    • We work with Universal Laws to integrate and activate what we have learned.

  • Week 11-12: Alignment - Living Your Purpose with Confidence

    • We reflect, celebrate, and plan.


The program includes: 

  • 12 weeks of transformative work done through the lens of Human Design and a dash of Astrology 

  • Weekly 60-minute Zoom community calls (on Thursdays, recorded for replays)

  • Voxer community for support in between calls 

  • Weekly content teachings where I will teach you the A+ Frequency Framework and the tools to implement it

  • Practical tools to help you integrate & embody this new knowledge including journal prompts, contemplation exercises, meditations, readings, podcasts, and embodiment exercises

  • Your personalized Foundations of Flow PDF that dives into your Type, Strategy, and Authority.     

       ***You will need Rachel Lieberman’s Modern Guide to Human Design if you don’t already have it. 

You learn who you are by

unlearning who they taught you to be.

~ Nikki Rowe

It's about time you step into your power and 

Own Your


I believe in the possibility of a world where we are all living in alignment with our highest selves, following our passions, embodying our gifts, and deeply trusting ourselves.

Unfortunately, I had patterns, behaviors, and beliefs that were holding me back from living my beliefs. You probably do too, if you're reading this.


 Check these numbers:

  • 82% of women struggle with Imposter Syndrome

  • 85% have low self-esteem

  • 49% are self-identified people pleasers

I could resonate with all of these.

But learning Human Design changed that.

Knowing my Human Design gave me language to speak to my gifts. 

When I was struggling, Human Design gave me specific places to look for guidance

The tools I learned along the way helped me to truly live by it all.

I invite you into Own Your Magic, where you'll put YOURSELF first and SHED the outdated beliefs holding you back.

The transformation of...

Own Your


Unlike other Human Design programs, Own Your Magic draws on a wide variety of resources for a holistic approach to embodiment and integration. By the end of our journey together, you will know and implement the A+ Frequency framework to help you step into the next best version of YOU.

  • You will know how to make aligned decisions that do not fail you

  • You will know how to tap into your unique intuition to help guide you, so you can stop living for others and do what's right for you

  • You will know how your unique energy type works and how to live by it

  • You will lean into your strengths and learn to use your shadows as the gift that they are

  • You will dream BIG, see how that dream is possible for you, and create a practical plan of aligned action steps

  • You will identify stories that are holding you back and practice reframing them, building unbridled confidence

  • You will have a toolbox full of transformational tools to help carry you through challenges 

  • You will tap into playfulness and joy to fast forward your growth

  • You will step into your higher self and be who you came here to be

Jessica C.

“Lori is an absolute master at her craft! I had so many questions about my life and career, and came out of our session with real clarity. I went from completely confused, to knowing exactly what I was meant to be doing!"

Erin O.

"Lori helped me realize that what I once thought was a weakness was actually one of my greatest strengths!"

Bridget M.

“Lori's intuition adds another layer of depth to her incredible knowledge of Human Design. Working with her helped me in both my life and my business!”
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Testimonial: Michelle.png
Testimonial: Anna.png
Testimonial: Celine.png

If you’re feeling the call to…

  • Make this the next best decade of your life

  • Deeply understand how your energy works and how to honor it

  • Deepen your spiritual practices

  • Deeply understand your strengths so you can create space for them to serve you in this next phase 

  • Put your HD to use in real life to stop living a mediocre, "just fine" life and start living your brilliance

                                                   then Own Your Magic is for you. 

Own Your Magic
is open for enrollment!

You have lifetime access to all course materials and resources and any future updates for life.

After clicking on the button below and submitting your order, you will receive a confirmation email and instructions on what's next.

Own Your Magic

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Frequently Asked Questions

✨ I don't have much experience with Human Design. Is this still a good fit? 

Whether you are a newbie or have some experience with Human Design, Own Your Magic will work for you. I've compiled a great number of resources to support you, and encourage you to ask questions if you are lost or confused. 

✨ What if I can't be there on the live calls? 

As a Generator, it's important to me to have live calls so that I can respond to your needs. If you cannot make it to a call, they will be recorded for you to access them at your convenience. That said, if you have questions that you would like me to address, shoot me a note via email or communicate via our community.

How much access do we have to you?

Own Your Magic is my baby. I want you to succeed and believe in your possibility the way I do. I will lead the calls, create the community, and help you navigate this journey. If you desire additional support, I have three spots available for a 1:1 upgrade. Message me for details: 

What is your refund policy?

It's incredibly important to me that everyone who works with me feels fulfilled through their experience. If the experience doesn't feel like a good fit, please reach out to me ASAP. Don't silently sit in frustration, disappointment, anger, etc. without connecting. That said, if you are actively participating (attending or watching call replays, doing the work on your own) and not feeling aligned, please connect by the end of week two to receive a refund. 

How should I make this decision? I'm struggling.

Use what you have learned so far about your Authority to make this choice. (If you don't have my free mini-guide, type in your birth details and get it here.)

Emotionals: take some time and sit with it. How does it FEEL to you?

Sacrals: you'll know as you are reading this if it's right for you. Listen to your gut. 

Splenics: you'll also know in the moment. Listen to your intuition.

Ego: is this what you really want

Self-projected: talk it out with a trusted friend and have them reflect back to you how you sounded (or record yourself and listen)

Mental: talk it out in different environments where you feel safe & supported

Lunar: take your time. Pay attention to how you perceive the idea over the days in between. Go for a walk and decide. 

Still struggling? Reach out to or book a spot on my calendar to chat for 15 minutes here. Let's work out if this is right for you!

Are you a good fit for Own Your Magic?

You are a great fit if...

  • you are interested in Human Design/Astrology and you believe in its power to help you navigate life

  • you are already on a path of personal development and have tried a few things, but aren't seeing many changes

  • you are willing to try new things, learn, reflect, and grow because you know that nothing changes if nothing changes

  • you are in a transitional phase of life where you feel a sense of possibility

  • you are committed to yourself through the journey

You are not a great fit if:

  • you think Human Design and Astrology are just fun but not really helpful

  • you want change but you believe it's hard and you don't want hard

  • you want quick and dirty, not slow and intentional

  • you can't commit to yourself for 12 weeks

OYM mock-up.png

Doors are open for a limited time. If you want to learn to LIVE your Human Design, click this button: 

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