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Planning by
(Human) Design



🤩 What if next year actually was your BEST YEAR YET?

🤩 What if you found yourself one year from now, looking back on what you had accomplished, and felt a deep sense of gratitude and pride?

🤩 What if you knew you had planned for and created space for honoring who you truly are?

Welcome to Planning by (Human) Design


✔️ 1 hour masterclass delivered to your inbox on 12/27. Audio and video links so you can watch and/or listen as you plan.

✔️ 200+ page 2024 personalized planner designed to help you create the time & space you need to live your best year yet

✔️ Reflection pre-work including prompts to help you appreciate your progress as you look to the future

✔️ BONUS: 1 hour Q&A to help ensure that you are on track for 2024

Maybe you've tried planning out your year...

😫 and it left you frustrated, angry, bitter, or disappointed when you didn't accomplish what you had planned

😫 or it felt overwhelming and you didn't really know where to start

😫 or you started and didn't ever really finish or even look at it again

Let's try a different approach this year: Planning by (Human) Design. 

👉 Learn how to plan for YOUR unique energy

👉 Learn where your pitfalls may be and how to avoid them

👉 Create a plan that feels inspiring and fun!

Stressed planner drawing

What's included in the masterclass?


What you will learn:

⚡What to consider when planning by Energy Type

⚡ How to capitalize on the energy of your Lines

⚡ Whether you’re designed for strategy, flow, or a combination

⚡ Two important Gates to consider in long-term planning

⚡ How to know when you're sabotaging your plans

⚡ How to support your goals using HD


What you will create:

⚡ a long-term vision for next year that is driven by YOUR unique energy

⚡ a plan for aligned action

⚡ time and space to allow it to happen


What you will receive:

⚡a 1-hour masterclass recording in both video and audio format

⚡2024 planning pages with transits and important astro info

⚡ tracking sheet to keep track of progress and energy

⚡ journal prompts for reflection

⚡ and a few other surprises :)

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How about making 2024 the year you live by Design because you PLANNED by DESIGN?

Your payment confirmation page will provide details on how to access the Masterclass!
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