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Updated: Aug 29, 2023

What does it mean to be a Manifestor?

If I could install flames on this post, I would.

Manifestors are powerful AF. When you’re following your strategy and authority, you are living life on your own terms. You make the rules and the rest of us follow.

You are the FIRESTARTERS. The INITIATORS. You start shit and the rest follow suit. You do NOT ask for permission or even for understanding. When you inform (part of your strategy), it’s merely to let the rest of us know what’s up. NOT so others can give permission. This is an incredibly important distinction.

Manifestors are often misunderstood because they are ahead of their time. Frida Kahlo was a Manifestor and what a beautiful example of doing things her way, not asking for permission, and creating a life that fed her desire to create a different world.

What’s key for you as a Manifestor is to learn to truly trust yourself…to trust that inner guidance that makes you so powerful and not to worry about what others think. Many won’t "get" you. And that’s okay.

Still, it can be a challenge because Manifestors are only about 8% of the population. There is a lot of pressure on you to follow the crowd when you actually march to a very different beat. This is where self-trust comes in.

If you have a Manifestor child, give them as much agency to make their own decisions as is humanly possible. Ignore other parents' sideways glances or the judgmental looks as you let your kid wear his tutu and crocodile leather vest to school. Don't worry too much when your daughter starts a club for stargazers who want to change the seasons. Give them space to be who they want to be. Let that change. Remind them to talk to you often about what they're doing.

Adele is a Manifestor, too.

She kind of disappeared off the map for a bit. She was healing from her divorce, and when she re-emerged, she looked really different. People were a little unsettled. She hadn't informed her fans. People were taken by surprise. This is the power of informing when you're a simply paves the road for you to do what you're going to do anyway. Narrate your life. Believe me, it will make everything go more smoothly. Experiment!

Want to know more about yourself as a Manifestor? Book a session and let's dive into your chart!

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