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Projectors make up about 20% of the population, and that percentage is growing. More Projectors are being born daily

Projectors are here to GUIDE.

It's funny--the Projectors I know are so very different. I live with a Projector (my son, Emmett), and one of my friends is a Projector. While my son is intense, my friend is ethereal. Just an observation that energy types can look very different.

Projectors: when you’re following your strategy and authority, you do what you absolutely love to do and wait to be invited and recognized for doing it. When aligned, you aren't worried if anyone is noticing how amazing you are. You are just being your amazing self.

That's magnetic AF.

Sometimes the wait can be challenging because so much of the world moves quickly, and others can miss the genius of the Projector. But it's there. And it's WAITING FOR US TO SEE IT.

Projectors KNOW what's best. They are literally designed to know better than the rest of us. (You can imagine how fun this is raising a Projector teenager ) When we are ready to hear it, they are here to teach us. Til then, they just dive deeply into what lights them up.

The wait can be tricky, and what's important is understanding the nuance there.

If you've created a space for yourself to showcase your genius (like a social media channel, for example), then "waiting" can simply be waiting for followers to find you.

You create, they come.

Don't wait to post what lights your soul on fire because then they won't be magnetized to you.

Instead, post what drives you, what interests you, what you love and know about.

There is no "waiting" because the invitation essentially comes when people follow you.

They want to know what you have to share.

Princess Diana was a Projector.

It's so clear how different she was.

Charisma, sure, and also a quiet way about navigating an incredibly public life.

She also SAW what was wrong about the system in which she was living, and eventually shared that--when she was free to be invited.

Projectors have a penetrating aura.

They SEE people deeply. Differently. Sometimes being in the company of a Projector can make you feel naked. You kind of are. They seeeeeeee you. And they are meant to BE seen. So see them. Recognize them. Tell them how amazing they are.

Another important thing to note is that Projectors do NOT have sacral energy, which is to say that they operate best in a 2-4 hour workday. They really shouldn't be going, going, going all the time. They NEED rest. (If you're married to a Projector and you're a sacral being, do them a favor and sleep in another room. At least a few nights a week!) Relaxing, integrating, BEing are Projector go-to's.

Projectors have perfected the nap and the bath. It's a vibe and it's 100% necessary.

Want to know more about yourself as a Projector? Book a session and let's dive into your chart!

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