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Oh, Reflectors.

To know a Reflector is to know someone special. In fact, Reflectors make-up a rare and unique 1% of the population. Known as our Cosmic Mirrors, their energy reflects the collective aura of those around them. In a world dominated by other types, Reflectors bring the special gift of insight and adaptability.

When you encounter a Reflector, you'll notice their ability to truly absorb and mirror the energies they're surrounded by.

I once heard them described as human mood rings with a depth that goes beyond colors.

Incredibly sensitive, every energy center in a Reflector chart is open or undefined. This sensitivity makes them natural barometers of the collective energy.

Reflectors: embrace this gift. Your aura samples those around you, and is not a sign of inconsistency, but a testament to your adaptability and ability to flow with the energy around you.

When you’re following your strategy and authority, you are embracing your lunar essence. You are highly attuned to the cycles of la Luna, and must allow yourself time to notice patterns in your life. Pay attention to each phase and see how your body responds to it--New Moon, Waxing, Full Moon, and Waning. Keep a journal to record how you're feeling and see what patterns you begin to notice.

It's important for you to remember that you don't need to define yourself based on the energies you reflect. You are not bound by the energy you take in. Instead, think of yourself as a canvas on which the world paints its colors.

The blank canvas is still a thing of beauty in and of itself, even without paint.

As a Reflector, prioritize solitude to recalibrate and cleanse your energy. This is not a withdrawal, but a necessary step in maintaining your clarity and authenticity. Spending time in nature will likely feel like a beautiful way for you to come back to center.

Consider Princess Grace of Monaco, a shining example of a Reflector. Her ability to adapt and embody the essence of her roles, from Hollywood actress to royalty, is a testament to the power of a Reflector in her aligned state.

Reflectors, honor the cycles of the moon and the wisdom it imparts. Notice the patterns you experience throughout the month and use that awareness to help construct the meaning of your life. Trust in your natural ability to reflect the beauty and truth that resides within each person you encounter. Verbalize it for them and know that you are making an impact.

Remember, you really are special, and you offer a perspective that is both profound and transformative. Your sensitivity is your superpower. Honor it by becoming aware of it, embracing it, and setting boundaries to protect it. And practice energetic hygiene like your life depends on it.

Curious to explore more about yourself as a Reflector? Book a session and let's embark on a journey to uncover how your cosmic mirror functions in the world.

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