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What is your Spidey Sense?

Ever wonder if you have an innate superpower?

You do. If you pay attention to your body, you might already know what it is.

In Human Design, it's called Cognition – the unique way each of us perceives and interacts with the world. It's also called your Human Design Sense.

To know it is to access your superpower--especially when it comes to calling in your desires. :)

Six Cognition Types

Whether you're a Smeller, Taster, Visionary, Dreamer, Feeler, or Touchy Feeler, each one unlocks a deeper layer of your human experience.

Smell Cognition: Embracing Olfactory Power

If you're a Smeller, your world is painted in scents. Have you ever asked, "What's that smell?" and people around you are like, "What smell?" You might have Smell Cognition. The key is to let your nose guide you. From determining the right detergent (which may very well be NO scent at all) to literally sniffing out success, your olfactory senses are your secret allies. Walk into a room and sniff out the energy. Take a deep breath in when you are making a decision to sniff out what's right for you. Smell your people. :) Sniff out new digs. Embrace your scent-driven Spidey Sense and explore where it takes you.

Taste Cognition: Nourishing Your Palate

For the Tasters out there, life is a constant refinement of your palate. If you've ever been told you have good taste, you might have Taste cognition. Perhaps you enjoy or can easily determine the finer things in life. Maybe you can distinguish the nuances in spiced food. These are the gifts of your Spidey Sense as a Taster. Beyond food, your taste cognition extends to relationships, activities, and environments. Smack your lips together and "taste" the air of a new space. Trust your sense of taste in decorating. Your taste buds are the compass leading you to what truly satisfies. Sample life and develop a sense of what tastes good to you, savoring the sweet and steering clear of the bitter.

Outer Vision: Aesthetics as Your Guide

Visionaries, your cognition lies in aesthetics. Ever thought, "that just doesn't look right?" Or perhaps it's more that you KNOW when something looks good. You're likely gifted with Outer Vision. Visual stimulation is your guide for everything--from the tech platforms that you use to share your work to the environment in which you live, to the clothing on your body, it should look YOU. Allow beauty to be your intuition's volume knob. Surround yourself with visually harmonious elements, from your home decor to the food on your plate.

Inner Vision: The power of imagination

Dreamers, your inner world is alive with possibilities. If you've ever been caught daydreaming, you might have Inner Vision cognition. As your Spidey Sense, close your eyes, visualize your dreams, and let your inner vision guide you. You can see your deepest desires come to life behind your closed eyes. Create a cocoon of low lighting and minimal sounds to amplify your intuitive insights. Trust the quiet whispers within – they are the keys to unlocking your deepest truths.

Feeling Cognition: Vibes Speak Louder Than Words

Feelers, you're attuned to the energetic vibes around you. If you've ever walked into a room and felt like something was "off," you might be a Feeler. Sensing the subtle energies of people and places, your feelings are your compass. If it doesn't feel right, trust that and beat feet. Pay attention to the spaces that resonate with your soul, and gracefully navigate away from those that don't. Your world is all about the vibes – trust your ability to feel them and their guidance.

Touch Sense: All the feels

To the Touchy Feelers, information is gleaned through the tactile nature of life. Ever cut the tags out of your clothing? Can't stand certain fabrics against your skin? Being a Touchy Feeler might be your Spidey Sense. To tap into it, use your body to literally feel things, touch fabrics, and notice how sensations pique your interest. Your hands are powerful conduits of understanding. Trust their guidance. Surround yourself with the things that feel good to you like the softest blankets or the finest silks – your world is meant to be felt. Use your sense to determine what feels right for you.

Unlocking Your Spidey Sense:

Your unique cognition is your personal superpower. Embrace it, experiment with it, and allow it to guide you on this journey of self-discovery. It's an excellent tool in the moment, and also so helpful when you are visioning what's possible. Use it to imagine what you want to invite into your life!

If you want to explore using your cognition to create a vision for your year, check out Planning by Design! You'll not only use your cognition but tap into much more of your unique Design to bring your dreams into reality.

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