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Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Generators make up about 37% of the population. There are a lot of us compared to other types.

A defined sacral is what defines a Generator, and the sacral is the source of life force energy.

Generators ENERGIZE. They are all about living a life of light and joy. When they’re following their strategy and authority, they follow what lights them up. They get shit done. They inspire others. They respond to all of the juiciness around them.

When they are responding and using their authorities, they are aligned and satisfied.

Can you imagine if 37% of the population was satisfied? The whole planet's vibe would be AMAZING! If you're a Generator, consider it your J-O-B to do the things that light your soul on fire!

Oprah is a Generator and I always think of her walking onto her stage, hands raised in the air, brightness radiating from her as she riles up the crowd.


I'm using so many capitals intentionally--they kind of capture the energy of a Generator.

I mean, we are named after batteries.

It's a vibe.

What’s key for a Generator is to know when to say "yes." Others pick up on that battery power and they want to tap into it, but if we say yes to everything instead of just to what lights us up, we lose capacity for the things that recharge our battery.

That leads to burnout.

Saying NO is an imperative life lesson for Generators.

That's where your strategy comes in.

Learn how to discern the feeling of a lit sacral.

Some say it's a flush.

Others, a bubbling sensation.

Maybe it's a feeling of heat.

The sacral answers in "yes or no" or "this or that", so avoid open ended questions.

When you present your sacral with something, it RESPONDS.

This is your gift.

You HAVE the energy to do all sorts of things, but if you're not getting a sacral hit when someone asks you something, it's a "no."

Don't say yes to the shit you don't want to do.

Beyoncé is a Generator .

A true master, as Generators are designed to be.

She follows what lights her up.

She is a creative powerhouse.

She is a QUEEN. Damn. You feel that light?

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